Tactics in Lucky Jet – Best Tactics to Play Lucky Jet

lucky Jet is an addictive crash game for real money at 1win casino. And one of the important successes for players are the different tactics to play Lucky Jet for money. Where you have to choose the right moment to click and thanks to this you can win money. But how to choose this moment? Many beginners ask themselves what tactics are available in Lucky Jet and can’t find their way to the money game. In this article we will look at various tactics to help you win at Lucky Jet.

Lucky Jet tactics

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  1. Monitoring Tactics – One of the easiest and most effective tactics in the game of Lucky Jet is to simply watch the game a few times to determine when you are most likely to win at the odds you want. Pay attention to how fast the luckyjets fall, how often the odds appear in the overall stats, and which odds fall most often.
  2. Stopping Tactics – This tactic is to click on the “Take the Win” button at the right moment when you see the numbers on the screen approaching the one you have chosen. It may seem complicated, but with practice you can become very good at it.
  3. Sequence Tactics – This is a tactic based on the probability of the odds appearing in a certain sequence. Select several odds and try to guess the sequence in which they will appear. It may take some time, but if you guess correctly, you will get a significant win.
  4. Tactics for changing odds – sometimes changing your selected odds can help. If you don’t get a win within a few rounds, try changing the auto withdrawal odds to lower than usual. But keep in mind that this is still a game of chance, and even low odds may not work.

How to use tactics in the Lucky Jet game

  1. Watch and analyze the game. Play a few times to understand how the game works, and what odds are most likely to fall out.
  2. Use stopping tactics. Press the “Take Win” button the moment you see that the odds are getting close to the one you chose.
  3. Try to guess a sequence of odds using sequence tactics. This can be difficult, but if you guess correctly
  4. If you don’t get a win within a few rounds, try changing your chosen odds by using value changing tactics. This can help you increase the probability of winning at Lucky Jet.
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Examples of Using Tactics in Lucky Jet 1Win

  • Example 1: You have watched the game several times and noticed that the odds of 5.5 fall most often. You decide to choose odds 5.5 and use a stopping tactic. As a result, you win and win money.
  • Example 2: You decided to use a sequence tactic and selected odds 2.7, 3.5 and 5 in a certain sequence. You pressed the button at the right moment and the result was a win.
  • Example 3: You have played several rounds but have not received any winnings. You decide to change your chosen odds and use the tactic of changing the odds to auto-win. As a result, you got a win and were able to recover your losses.

FAQs / Q&A

What tactics should be used at the beginning of the game?

The most suitable tactic for beginning players is ” Watching”. The details of the tactic itself are described in the article itself.

What tactics should I use if I don’t have much time to play?

In this case, you should use the tactic of aggressive play, in which the player seeks a large sum of money in one round. Catching a large multiplier, or betting a large amount at once, but not at a high multiplier.

What tactics should I use if I want to win at a long distance?

To win at a long distance, it is necessary to use the tactics of the passive game. In this case the player takes the winnings at low odds. Because of the high probability of them falling out.


Using different tactics and strategies can help you win at Lucky Jet. However, keep in mind that this is still a game of chance, and even the best tactics may not work. Each player should realize that each round is randomly generated and that it is impossible to predict 100% at online casinos. So play responsibly and be aware of your limits.

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